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We provide a complete understanding of the global strategic panorama with a methodology centered on data mining, strategy, database design and analysis about defense, politics, strategic affairs, technology and space. Everything delivered with key indicators, detailed graphs and numerical analysis.

Deep and detailed understanding on strategic issues

Rigorous and up-to-date analysis supported by solid data and systematic tracking methodologies. Everything consolidated in StratBridge’s own updated daily system, which provides the necessary information on three areas of work.

politic and strategic affairs

Politics and Strategic Affairs

Political structure of nations, Political and economic indicators, Geopolitical trends, Strategic projects, Critical infrastructure, future projections and more.


Military budget indicators, Future funding projections, Military structure of nations, Weapons systems inventory, Constantly updated armament data and more.

Technology and space

Updates on ongoing technological and space projects, Future projections, Strategic partnerships in technology and space.

Get the full picture on international strategic issues

Technical data on military and technology assets

Geospatial maps

Key indicators

Detailed graphs

Numerical data

Fact sheets


Deep and detailed understanding of strategic issues

Geospatial maps

Key indicators

Detailed graphs

Solid experience on open source intelligence

We are supported by four leading strategic news outlets and seasoned analyst on diverse strategic fields, like defense, international relations, space and technology

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Get access to our database and save time to be updated on the most relevant strategic information


We are the leaders of strategic information

Data Analysis

Deep understanding on strategic issues


Dedicated and specialized teams


Up-to-date information


More than 10 years of experience in the field of strategic information


Our StratBridge Database covers

Military capabilities, projects and budget reports

Strategic and Geopolitical trends

Key indicators on defense and tech industries

Geospatial maps

Graphs and numerical data

Fact sheets