The best methodology of data analysis with our framework

With our framework StratBridge offers access to 3 database designed to provide specific information about defense, politics, technology and space.

Geospatial maps

key indicators

Detailed graphs

Numerical data

Fact sheets


Expandable fields


Development projects and material acquisition.

Future projections of military capabilities.

Military budget indicators.

Future funding projections.

Military structure of nations.

Weapons systems inventory.

Constantly updated armament data.

Politics and Strategic Affairs

Political structure of nations.

Political and economic indicators.

Geopolitical trends

Strategic projects.

Critical infrastructure of nations.

Future projections.

Technology and Space

Updates on ongoing technological and space projects.

Future projections.

Strategic partnerships in technology and space.

Our Framework

These areas are addressed through a combination of data mining techniques, quantitative and qualitative analysis, and the use of emerging technologies to ensure that our clients receive accurate and relevant information for their strategic needs.